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FLUOSTAR 2 L is well adapted for the lubrication of bearings and articulations submitted to high temperatures as in ovens, drying and stabilisation tunnels. It is especially applicable to the glass, textile, plastic, painting, chemical, nuclear, robotic, aerospace, corrugating and oxygen fittings industries. It is well suited for the lubrication and preservation of electrical contacts.

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FLUOSTAR 2 L is a non-flammable fluorinated grease derived by thickening a PFPE oil with an ultra micronized PTFE telomere and containing a soluble, high polarity anti-corrosion additive. FLUOSTAR 2 L is an updated high performance grease that is completely inert. It is particularly useful where the performances of conventional hydrocarbon or other synthetic greases are unsatisfactory. It contains these following properties: - excellent lubrication, outstanding oxidation resistance, excellent high temperature stability - exceptional chemical inertness, compatibility with metals, plastics and elastomers, - excellent corrosion resistance, - radiation resistance, exceptionally resistant to attack by gaseous and liquid oxygen. - Excellent O2 (oxygen) compatibility FLUOSTAR 2 L is approved NSF H1 n°151501.

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