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Advantages/Benefits;Lower swabbing frequencies and application rates extend the blank production life, thereby reducing the number of required component changes;Generate lower levels of fumes and odour compared to conventional products;Excellent wettability and dispersancy produces consistent film thickness resulting in reduced levels of defect due to thin and badly blown wear;High level of lubrication and release properties gives a notable improvement in visual clarity of the container, producing a bright and lustrous finish to the ware;Dry swabbing preference, extended doping cycles, high quality finish and improved lubrication combine to lessen operator exposure to risk, reduce lubricant usage and maximise production efficiency;Description;A range of semi fluid high lubricity swabbing compounds, containing a sophisticated combination of graphite, high performance surface active additives and wetting agents.;Specifically developed to provide excellent lubrication whilst offering lower fume and odour properties.;They are formulated on controlled release sulphurised additives and organic / inorganic thickener combinations. The products offer excellent release characteristics coupled with excellent glass clarity and mould/glass cleanliness. Dependant on the operational working parameters these products can be used as all round lubricants on moulds, baffles, bottom plates and neck rings.;They are extremely effective in reducing problematical thin and badly blown ware, defects prevalent when producing modern light weight bottles.;VITROLIS MM 3000 grades are suitable for use on a broad spectrum of ware from perfume and pharmaceutical containers to large volume food and drink bottles.;Application;VITROLIS MM 3000: A universal grade covering a broad cross section of types of ware, including beer, wine & spirit bottles, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food jars. The product can be used on BB, PB and NNPB operations on a range of coloured and flint glass ware with medium to heavy gob weights.;VITROLIS MM 3010: An intermediate grade between VITROLIS MM 3000 and VITROLIS MM 3020 in terms of graphite contents and film forming characteristics. It combines the high load carrying capabilities of VITROLIS MM 3000 with the excellent ware and mould equipment cleanliness achieved from VITROLIS MM 3020. As such it is a universally applicable grade catering for a very broad cross section of types of ware and a full range of processing conditions.;VITROLIS MM 3020: Formulated on lower levels of graphite for use on critical applications where cleanliness and surface glass clarity are particularly important, e.g. high quality wine and spirits containers, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic jars. Particularly suitable for production of thin wall / light weight containers by NNPB production methods.;Storage;Drums should be stored on their sides in a clean, dry place and should be protected from extremes of temperature.

Wij staan klaar om u te adviseren. Bel of mail ons en wij komen zo snel mogelijk bij u terug.
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