Performance Features;temperature range: -20 / +160 °C, short-term up to +180 °C;good thermal and mechanical stability;excellent corrosion protection;low oil separation;resistant to hot water;good adhesion and sealing properties;increases longer relubrication intervals;Description;URETHYN 160 is a yellow-brown, mineral oil-based high-temperature grease with an organic thickener. URETHYN 160 contains additives to enhance anti-wear properties and stability against ageing.;Field of application;URETHYN 160 is used for the lubrication of plain and roller bearings in difficult operating conditions, especially in the chemical and steel industries, in mining and general engineering. URETHYN 160 is suitable for ventilators, electric motors, automotive wheel bearings, clutch thrust bearings, centrifuge bearings, rollers of drying systems, etc.;Method of application;URETHYN 160 can be applied manually or via centralized lubrication systems.

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