Performance Features;temperature range: -40 / +160 °C;reduces friction and wear;excellent creeping ability;very good protection against corrosion;displaces and moves underneath water;biodegradable;DB-Mat.-Nr.: 854190;Description;STABYLAN ECO 20 is a high-performance synthetic lubricating fluid based a rapidly biodegradable oil. STABYLAN ECO 20 has selected corrosion protection additives to provide an optimum chain protection.;Field of application;STABYLAN ECO 20 is applied to drive and conveyor chains of all kind. STABYLAN ECO 20 is used in environmentally-sensitive areas, such as streetcar switches or the chains of outdoor escalators.;Method of application;STABYLAN ECO 20 can be applied manually, by brush, oil can or drop-oiler. STABYLAN ECO 20 can also be applied without difficulty via automatic lubricating systems.

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