Performance Features;temperature range: -20 / +260 °C;extraordinary wear protection, even at extreme high temperatures;lowest consumption because of minimum evaporation loss;reduced unpleasant odors because of low evaporation loss;reduced environmental pollution;good penetration properties into the chain links;energy saving through friction reduction;forms no hard residues;Description;STABYLAN 6020 is a fully synthetic high-temperature chain oil for low consumption lubrication of chains exposed to extreme high temperatures.STABYLAN 6020 ensures an extraordinarily good wear protection at elevated temperatures. The very low evaporation tendency at extreme temperatures results in quantity savings in the two-digit percentage range versus conventional high-temperature chain oils. As a consequence smoke and unpleasant odors are reduced accordingly within the direct work environment. The still free-flowing residue of STABYLAN 6020 when used at high temperatures guarantees smooth-running chains.;Field of application;STABYLAN 6020 was especially developed for low consumption lubrication of chains in curing ovens of insulating material production plants.STABYLAN 6020 can also be used for any steel-sprocket chains especially in the high temperature range, e.g. in ovens and dryers of the metal, wood, paper, and construction material industries as well as for clamping, drying and fastening machines in the textile industry.;Method of application;STABYLAN 6020 should be applied by suitable and precise chain lubrication systems, which apply exactly onto the chain links in small quantities.Application by brush, oiler or drip lubricator is also possible.

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