Performance Features;temperature range: -15 / +240 °C;low evaporation losses, thus reduced consumption;excellent adhesion;reduces friction, excellent protection against wear;does not form any lacquer-like residues;protects against corrosion and fretting corrosion;Description;STABYLAN 5001 SPRAY is a lubricant spray on basis of a synthetic oil mixture with high corrosion protection properties and outstanding temperature stability. STABYLAN 5001 SPRAY does not form lacquer-like residues at high temperatures.;Field of application;STABYLAN 5001 SPRAY is especially suitable for high temperature application and is used for all types of chains and conveyor systems and other lubricating points in the chemical industry, automobile industry, machine tool industry, packaging lines or textile industry, etc.;Method of application;Apply STABYLAN 5001 SPRAY economically and purposely onto the surfaces which have to be lubricated. Do not spray onto hot surfaces! STABYLAN 5001 is also available in standard packaging.

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