Performance Features;wide temperature range: -40 / +140 °C;excellent low temperature properties;outstanding load carrying capacity;very good protection against wear;high protection against the formation of ripplings;reliable protection against corrosion;very good ageing resistance;high water resistance;Description;STABYL LX 460 SYN is a fully synthetic high-performance grease which was especially developed for the use in wind power plants. Combining the advantages of synthetic base oil, a special lithium complex thickener and a state-of-the-art additive package, STABYL LX 460 SYN shows an outstanding performance throughout a wide temperature range.;Field of application;Due to its wide operating temperature range, its high mechanical stability and its outstanding load carrying capacity, STABYL LX 460 SYN is excellently suitable for the lubrication of the main rotor bearings of wind power plants. Moreover, it can also be used in the very demanding lubricating areas of azimuth and pitch bearings. Therefore STABYL LX 460 SYN is also excellently suitable as a single lubricant for all these applications, thus considerably reducing the necessary efforts for a safe grease supply in all these lubricating points.;Application;STABYL LX 460 SYN can be applied by means of grease guns, automatic grease dispensing units as well as in central lubricating systems.

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