Performance Features;temperature range for use: -40 / +130 °C;excellent cold flow properties;high stability against ageing;very good protection against corrosion;good water resistance;pronounced load carrying capacity;good protection against wear;easily biodegradable;Description;STABYL ECO S 12 is a lithium-soap, high-performance grease, which is manufactured on a fully-synthetic ester oil base. STABYL ECO S 12 is characterised by its pronounced EP properties and a particularly wide operating temperature range.;Field of application;STABYL ECO S 12 was specially designed for use in roller and plain bearings, which are run under exacting operating conditions. Among them are applications, which require a wide operating temperature range, i.e. where reliability regarding cold start and dependable, long-term lubricating effect, even at enhanced operating temperatures, must be guaranteed. In addition STABYL ECO S 12 possesses excellent EP properties and provides very good protection against wear, so that even high loads can be mastered reliably.Moreover, because of its biogenic character, STABYL ECO S 12 is also highly suitable for use in environmentally-sensitive applications.;Application;STABYL ECO S 12 can be applied both by means of the normal methods using grease guns and also in central lubricating systems.

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