Performance Features;temperature range: -20 / +150 °C, short-term up to +180 °C;excellent pressure absorbing capacity;good wear protection;high thermal and ageing stability;good resistance to water;reliable corrosion protection;thermally and mechanically reversible;good working stability;Description;STABYL AL 2 is a graphite-containing, mineral oil-based aluminium-complex grease with very good EP and high temperature properties. It is a universal grease for a broad range of applications including maximum specific loads, elevated and considerably fluctuating temperatures.;Field of application;STABYL AL 2 is employed for the greasing of plain and roller bearings, guides subjected to extreme loads, very high and considerably fluctuating temperatures in, for example, the raw materials industry, chemical industry, iron and steel industry, general engineering, crushing and grinding mills, sintering plants, calenders, extruders, vibrating screens (hot and cold), earth moving machinery, etc.;Method of application;STABYL AL 2 is applied manually with suitable grease guns or via centralized lubrication systems.

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