Performance Features;temperature for use up to 50 °C (formwork temperature);universal application;prevents pore formation to a great extent;ensures clean and even surfaces;resistant to rain;Description;SOK WAX is a pasty parting agent (parting wax).SOK WAX 1 and SOK WAX 3 differ in their consistencies. SOK WAX 1 constitutes the softest variety and SOK WAX 3 the hardest.At high external temperatures (25 °C) the use of SOK WAX 3 is recommended.;Field of application;SOK WAX is suitable for all formwork, e.g. wood, plastic-lined wooden materials, steel, etc.;Method of application;SOK WAX is applied with a brush or a cloth. Consumption differs depending on the application case. SOK WAX may not be diluted with water, oils, or solvents - the delivered concentration is ready for use!;Note;storage temperature not below +10 C;the storage period should not exceed 1 year;reseal packaging after removal;Note the WHG and EC safety data sheet! Important: If you use SOK WAX there is not always a plaster, adhesive and paint adhesion.

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