Fully-synthetic cooling oils for screw, vane and piston compressors based on polyalphaolefins with excellent oxidation stability, good wear protection, outstanding demulsification and excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour. High viscosity index. Excellent air release. Allow service intervals to be extended.;RENOLIN UNIYSYN OL 32, 46 and 68 have especially been developed for the use in oil injected screw compressors and in turbo compressors. RENOLIN UNISYN OL 100 and 150 are recommended in particular for long-term use in piston and rotary compressors that must meet the strict requirements for low residue formation according to DIN 51506 VDL.;RENOLIN UNISYN OL fluids can also be used as hydraulic fluids according to DIN 51524 H(V)LP. Excellent results in the Vickers Vane Pump Test with RENOLIN UNISYN OL 46. Extreme wear protection guarantees a long lifetime of the components.

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