RENOLIN LPG series are a high-performance synthetic gas compressor lubricants based on special polyalkylene glycols which have a low solubility with hydrocarbon-based gases.This reduced gas solubility, which improves the formation of a stable lubricating film, improves the compressor efficiency and reduces foaming. RENOLIN LPG products show a high chemical and thermal stability, excellent wear protection, high natural viscosity index (shear-stable VI), a low pourpoint and good corrosion protection.;RENOLIN LPG oils can be used in reciprocating piston compressors, screw compressors and vane compressors. RENOLIN LPG series can be used for the following gases: hydrocarbon chemical gases – propane, butane, mixtures of ethylene, propylene and butylene, petroleum gases with a high amount of propane and butane, natural gases with a high amount of methane and ethane, inert gas such as e.g. argon and helium and other chemical gases (e.g. butadiene).

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