Fully-synthetic refrigeration oils based on chemically and thermally stable alkylbenzenes - for the use with R22 and other HCFCs and for hydrocarbons. In general, RENISO S/SP oils are recommended whenever other refrigeration oils provide insufficient protection against wear. RENISO S oils show excellent miscibility properties in combination with R22 which guarantees reliable oil transport and heat exchange processes.;Because of its additivation the RENISO SP-series is not suitable for the use with ammonia.;For NH3 applications we recommend RENISO S 3246 and S 68 which are free of such additives.;RENISO S/SP oils fulfill and exceed DIN 51503 KC and KE.;In addition RENISO S 3246 and S 68 fulfill and exceed DIN 51503 KAA (non-miscible with ammonia).

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