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Performance Features;temperature range: 800°C;high release effect;forms a coherent graphite film on the ceramic surface;allows easy assembly and disassembly of components;allows easy cleaning of mortar residues;protects the surface and edge structure of the built-in parts;supports the easy removal of steel splashes;reduces expenses;Description;MOLYPAUL 994 is a sprayable, refractory release and lubricating agent which was especially developed for spraying onto hot surfaces. MOLYPAUL 994 is based on water, neutral in terms of fumes and odors and forms a dense and coherent dry lubricating film on the treated surfaces. MOLYPAUL 994 includes high-purity graphite as solid lubricant and a special binding agent together with an additive package subject to the application.;Field of application;MOLYPAUL 994 is used as release agent for;mortar release sliding inner nozzles and well blocks;mortar release gas purging cones and well blocks;slide nozzle link to the ladle spout;joint connection fixed plate/inner nozzle and sliding plate/exchangeable nozzle;spray guard for the mechanical aggregate-separating protection shield, frame and housing;Method of application;MOLYPAUL 994 is ready for use and does not have to be diluted. MOLYPAUL 994 is sprayed onto the surface of the refractory part using an atomising spraying device. MOLYPAUL 994 is suitable for all types of refractory materials and is applied directly onto the hot ceramic surface (800 °C).

Wij staan klaar om u te adviseren. Bel of mail ons en wij komen zo snel mogelijk bij u terug.
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