Performance Features;temperature range: up to 1,700°C;reduces wear;ready-for-use sprayable suspension;high abrasion resistance;good oxidation resistance;good adhesion on the material;high thermal stability;uncritical to use;reduces expenses;Description;MOLYPAUL 950 is an aqueous and sprayable dispersion for the surface coating of ceramic materials in the iron, steel and refractory industries. MOLYPAUL 950 includes a combination of solid lubricants and an especially formulated additive package preventing graphite oxidation at high temperatures. MOLYPAUL 950 is free of mineral oil, does not develop any fumes under the influence of temperature and is uncritical to use.;Field of application;MOLYPAUL 950 reduces the surface porosity and improves the service life of the ceramic components used. The good lubricity, abrasion and oxidation resistance of MOLYPAUL 950 enhance the performance, especially of ceramic slide plates.;Method of application;MOLYPAUL 950 shall be applied to dirt and dust-free surfaces. MOLYPAUL 950 was designed for spray application but can also be applied using a brush or roller.

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