Performance Features;shows an extremely fast and strong cleaning performance;removes residues of grease, oil, adhesives and dirt from metal parts;facilitates assembly, repair, maintenance and servicing;easy to apply;is especially well-suited for cleaning metal surfaces which are to be coated with lubricants, solid film lubricants, screw locking products or the like;does not contain any chlorinated hydrocarbons or chlorofluoro-hydrocarbons;Description;METABLANC SPRAY is a non-polluting, fast-acting cleaner with strong cleaning power for metal surfaces.The strong cleaning efficiency in removing residues of oil, grease, adhesives, as well as the ability to loosen up dirt and the short drying time are based on an especially selected combination of solvents, selected combination of solvent additives.;Field of application;The use of METABLANC SPRAY is recommended wherever it is necessary or desirable to obtain metal surfaces absolutely free from oil and grease.Maintenance, repair and assembly are the main fields of application (examples: brakes, axles, shafts, bearings, gear, wheels, slideways, screws...)METABLANC SPRAY has proved to be particularly well-suited for providing surfaces free from oils and greases prior to coating with lubricant paste or grease or solid film lubricants, or with screw locking products.;Method of application;Thoroughly spray dirty parts, rinse the dirt off and wipe after a short acting time with a clean piece of cloth. Repeat the procedure if necessary. Do not spray on painted surfaces, plastics or textile materials.METABLANC is also available in standard packaging.;Note;METABLANC SPRAY contains acetone. Plastics, painted parts or textile materials could therefore be attacked. The use on parts made of such materials is only recommended after careful testing.

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