Performance Features;temperature range: -30 / +140 °C;good ageing stability;good thermal stability;excellent work stability;excellent adhesion;very good corrosion protection;Description;LAGERMEISTER TS is an EP long-term grease based on a semi-synthetic base oil and containing a special lithium soap thickener. Along with additives designed to increase ageing resistance, this product contains an additive combination especially improving its EP and corrosion prevention characteristics.;Field of application;LAGERMEISTER TS is particularly suited for all plain and roller bearings subjected to high dynamic loads. Its stringiness combined with its extraordinary adhesion allow a very long grease life. Using this product relubrication intervals can also be considerably extended.;Method of application;LAGERMEISTER TS is suitable for first filling or relubrication according to the usual methods (central lubrication systems, grease guns). Also available in aerosol cans as LAGERMEISTER TS SPRAY.

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