Performance Features;temperature range for use: -30 / +160;high mechanical and thermal stability;water resistant even when subjected to salt water;protects from corrosion;easily pumpable;work-stable at varying loads and revolutions;long-fibrous;Description;LAGERMEISTER LX EP 2 is a natural-coloured EP (extreme pressure) long-life grease based on mineral oil and thickened with a particularly stable lithium complex soap. It can be used as an all-round grease for numerous types of application, particularly if extended lubrication intervals are required.;Field of application;LAGERMEISTER LX EP 2 is excellently suited for the lubrication of heavily loaded plain and roller bearings in all types of construction machinery, especially in difficult operating conditions such as high loads or enhanced temperatures.;Examples are;Digger: including rotary joints;Loader: working device and articulated joint;Tractor bulldozer: working devices and control lever;Grader: centre blade slewing ring;Scraper: including elevator;Dumper/lorry: articulate coupling;Tower crane: including slewing ring, wire ropes;Rollers: static, vibrating, tandem and trailing rollers;Screening plants: dry and wet screening;Crushers: on extracting and processing machines;Building, pit and quarry industry: gravel pits, quarries, mobile recycling plants;as well as all lubrication points, for which a lithium complex grease of classification KP2P-30 is prescribed.;Application;LAGERMEISTER LX EP 2 can be used with suitable grease guns or in central lubricating systems. Application using the single-handed and two-handed guns made by SYSTEM REINER is particularly beneficial.

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