Performance Features;Temperature range for use: -30 / +120 °C;Specially designed to cope with extreme demands under harsh environmental conditions;Reduces wear;High degree of ageing stability;Good heat stability;Outstanding work stability;Excellent adhesive strength;Very good protection against corrosion;Description;LAGERMEISTER HDG 00 is a calcium sulphonate complex saponified EP semi-fluid grease based on a special mineral oil. In addition it contains friction- and wear-reducing white solid lubricants.;Field of application;LAGERMEISTER HDG 00 is used for lubricating machine elements in the mixed friction area, such as roller and sliding bearings subjected to high pressure, intermittent loads and vibrating or oscillating movements. It is particularly appropriate if the surrounding area is subject to high humidity or the effects of splash water.For reducing friction and wear on parts subjected to high and low loads. LAGERMEISTER HDG 00 reduces friction and wear at high and low loads, prevents fretting corrosion and stick-slip. LAGERMEISTER HDG 00 has also proved itself extremely well for the lubrication of upper bearings on rotary crushers.;Method of application;LAGERMEISTER HDG 00 is suitable for initial filling or relubrication using the normal methods (central lubricating systems, hand lever grease guns).

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