Performance Features;temperature range: -20 / +120 °C, short-term up to +140 °C;stability against ageing;water-resistant;protects against corrosion;easily pumpable, even in central lubrication systems;good adhesion;Description;LAGERMEISTER BF 2 is a long-life EP grease based on paraffinic mineral oil and can be used as an all-round product for multi-purpose lubrication.;Field of application;LAGERMEISTER BF 2 is ideally suited for the lubrication of plain and roller bearings of construction machinery in hard working conditions. LAGERMEISTER BF 2 is used for each lubrication point as well as for Diggers: including ball bearing slewing ring, hydraulic grabs;Loaders: working device and hinged joint;Bulldozers: working devices and control leves;Graders: mouldboard swing bearing;Scrapers: including elevator;Dump trucks/trucks: all lubrication points;Tower cranes: incl. ball bearing slewing rings;Rollers tandem and towed rollers;Screeningequipmen dry and wet screening;Crushers: on mining and processing machine;Construction, pit and quarry: gravel quarries, stone pits, mobile recycling equipment;Method of application;LAGERMEISTER BF 2 can be applied manually with suitable grease guns, via centralized lubrication systems or SYSTEM REINER grease guns.

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