Performance Features;very good wetting and spreading properties on both cold and hot tools;excellent lubrication and release properties;flows easily;does not contain heavy metals;burns up leaving minimal ash residues;Description;HYKOGEEN 217 is a stable dispersion of pure graphite in a base oil with a high flash point. HYKOGEEN 217 has excellent release and lubricating properties for use during the hot forging of steel and its alloys. HYKOGEEN 217 is a cost-effective solution for difficult forging operations (extrusion) or other forging procedures where lubricants which contain water cannot be used. HYKOGEEN 217 flows easily, contains no heavy metals and burns up leaving little residual ash.;Method of application;HYKOGEEN 217 is ready to use for most procedures. It can be either sprayed (using an airless spray gun) or applied manually, by swabs, brushes etc.;HYKOGEEN 217 can be diluted with oil for special forging operations involving non-ferrous metals. This diluted solution should be stirred regularly to prevent the graphite from settling out.

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