Performance Features;temperature range: -20 / +140 °C;when used as a screw or assembly paste: -40 / +1200°C;withstands extreme pressures;produces low coefficients of friction;excellent protection against wear;very good adhesion;very good protection against corrosion, and it is waterresistant;protects against fretting corrosion (tribocorrosion);prevents stick-slip and seizure;Authorised for use underground by the Arnsberg District Authority, Dortmund, authorisation reference number:;Description;GLEITMO WSP 5040 is a highperformance grease paste based on a highgrade, special calcium-complex base grease with a synergetic combination of highly effective white solid lubricants.;Range of application;GLEITMO WSP 5040 is used for all kinds of machine parts subjected to extreme pressures, impulse loads and/or vibrating or oscillating movements. It is particularly appropriate if the surrounding area is subject to high humidity or the effects of splash water. For sliding pairings, which have a tendency to stick slip and fretting (seizure). At low sliding speeds and high pressures as well as where fretting corrosion (tribocorrosion) occurs. GLEITMO WSP 5040 is particularly suitable for lubricating chucks and tensioning elements. In addition to that GLEITMO WSP 5040 has proved itself as assembly paste and can be used as screw paste in this case also in the high-temperature range up to 1,200 °C. Other typical applications: Spindles, large armatures, sliding guides, sliding bearings, oscillating bolts on construction machinery, tilting bearings, stainless steel connections, etc. Because of the high proportion of solid particles, GLEITMO WSP 5040 should not be used for lubricating roller bearings.;Application;Apply GLEITMO WSP 5040 with spatulas, brushes or lint-free cloths onto the previously cleaned (if possible) surfaces. Otherwise as is normal with greases. GLEITMO WSP 5040 is also available as a spray.

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