Performance Features;temperature range: -180 / +250 °C;resistant to mineral oil and synthetic fluids;forms a dry, firmly adhering lubricating film;resistant to high loads;produces a low, constant friction;prevents from seizure of materials with a tendency towards cold welding;facilitates assembly;prevents from stick-slip friction;Description;GLEITMO SFL 9025 is a water-based solid film lubricant. Its active lubricating component is a synergistically acting combination of solid lubricants with a predominant portion of molybdenum disulphide.;Field of application;For the coating of screws or nuts in order to avoid fretting (stainless steel) in order to achieve definite assembly and disassembly. GLEITMO SFL 9025 is suitable for dry lubrication of slide rails, joints and bolts and for running-in lubrication of high loaded parts.;Method of application;GLEITMO SFL 9025 is applied via compressed air and airless spraying systems. Dipping or centrifuging is convenient for small parts. Brush or roller is recommended only in case spraying or immersion is infeasible. The sliding surfaces to be coated should be carefully degreased with a solvent or water based cleaners and should be dry before applying. Phosphating or sandblasting pre-treatment is recommended to increase the adhesion of the coating on metal parts.;Note;Stir well before use! Protect from freezing. Shelf life: 12 month in closed original container at room temperature

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