Performance Features;temperature range: -180/+250 °C;produces dry, thin lubricating coating;permits low coefficients of friction;adheres very well on all material surfaces;offers exceptional non-stick and separating characteristics;does not soil or grease;facilitates assembly of parts with robots;is non-polluting and user-harmless;does not contain fluorinated or chlorinated hydrocarbons;Description;GLEITMO 980 SPRAY is an air-drying solid film lubricant with an inorganic binder and solvent. It contains a specially-processed polytetrafluoroethylene as an active ingredient with high lubricating and separating effects.GLEITMO 980 SPRAY adheres very well on all materials.;Field of application;For dry lubrication of a wide variety of material pairings, such as metal, plastics, rubber, wood.As clean lubricating coating on goods with high risk of soiling.Instead of oil or grease lubricants in the textile and plastic industries for slatted blinds, roller blinds, folding and sliding doors.For initial lubrication on injection-moulded plastic parts.Squeaking or sticking friction points of wood, plastics or leather.;Method of application;Spray cans are the easiest way of using this lubricant. Apply GLEITMO 980 Spray simply uniformly onto the surfaces which should be clean and dry. For the application with compressed air and airless spraying systems and for dip- and spray coatings GLEITMO 980 is also available in standard packaging.

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