Performance Features;temperature range: -180 / +250 °C;for use with oxygen fittings up to 60 °C and 20 bar (approval test available);forms a dry, firmly adhering, anticorrosive lubricating film;is resistant to high loads within a wide temperature range;easy and economical to use;enables long service life;causes no soiling during leakage tests;prevents stick-slip friction;Description;GLEITMO 935 is an aqueous, air-drying solid film lubricant based on an organic binder. Its active lubricating component is a synergic combination of solid lubricants with a predominant portion of molybdenum disulphide.;After curing, GLEITMO 935 produces an even, touch-proof, adherent, mineral oil-resistant dry lubricating film, which additionally provides corrosion prevention.;Field of application;GLEITMO 935 is especially designed for threaded caps on oxygen cylinders, slideways and guideways, adjusting parts and screws in the presence of oxygen.;Method of application;GLEITMO 935 can be applied by spraying, dipping or by brush or roller onto the thoroughly cleaned and degreased sliding surfaces. Coating of one slide surface is often enough. Burrs and sharp edges are to be avoided. GLEITMO 935 should be stirred well before use. If needed, it can be diluted using demineralized water. Preheated surfaces allow fast drying and film development. The life of the lubricating film can be in-creased by roughening the surface to be coated.;Note;GLEITMO 935 is listed at Messer Griesheim with the material number 77030601.;Stir well before use! Protect from frost! Shelf life: 12 months in closed original containers at room temperature.

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