Performance Features;temperature range: -180 / +250 °C;produces a dry, strongly adhering lubrication film;carries very high loads;is resistant to mineral oils after heat curing;ensures a constant coefficient of friction;improves the wear-in behaviour and the load carrying ability of oil- or grease-lubricated machine elements;offers clean assembly;Description;GLEITMO 920 is an air drying bonded film lubricant, solvent-based with organic Binder. It can be heat-cured, and then it is resistant to mineral oils. GLEITMO 920 forms on metal surfaces a firmly adhering, non-ageing molybdenum disulfide bonded film lubricant with good lubricating properties.;Field of application;The main application is at low sliding speeds and high loads as well as in combination with oil and greases.Examples of application: Wear-in and emergency lubrication of differential gears and bearings, dry lubrication of threaded spindles, cores of magnets, wire clamps, adjustable threads and mechanisms, bolt joints, sliding planes, threads, nuts, tension pins.;Method of application;Compressed air and airless spraying systems are suited best. Immersion is expedient for large quantities of small parts. Due to uneven coating thickness, painting by brush or roller is recommended only if spraying or immersion is not possible. In the case of spraying installations, containers with agitator are recommended. Sliding surfaces should be carefully degreased with solvent and allowed to dry. To increase adhesion and therefore the lifetime of the coating, pretreatment of the surfaces is recommended by sand-blasting or phosphatising.;Note;Stir well before use! Shelf-life: 18 months in closed original container at ambient temperature.

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