Performance Features;temperature range: -180 / +400 °C;produces a dry, firmly-adhering lubricating film;resists highest loads;produces low, constant friction;prevents seizure of materials with a tendency to cold welding;facilitates assembly;avoids stick-slip;permits separation of lubrication and assembly with clean interme-diate storage;Description;GLEITMO 900 is an air-drying solid film lubricant based on an inorganic binder. The active lubricating component with maximum load carrying ability is a synergetic combination of solid lubricants with a largely predominant proportion of molybdenum disulphide. After hardening at room temperature, a well-adhering, dry lubricating film is formed on many materials.;Field of application;Main applications are for low-sliding speeds and high loads. Exception: running-in operations. In general, it is worth trying GLEITMO 900 if oils and greases are not possible for lubrication due to excessively high temperatures or if dry lubrication is required for other reasons.;Method of application;Spray cans are the easiest way of using this lubricant. Furthermore the drying time is reduced from app. 30 minutes to app. 5 minutes. Compressed air and airless spraying systems are more economical for larger requirements. Immersion is appropriate for large quantities of small parts. Owing to uneven coating thicknesses, painting using a brush or roller is to be recommended only if spraying or immersion is not possible.;Notes;Stir well before use! Shelf life: 24 months in closed original containers at ambient temperature

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