Performance Features;temperature range: -20 / +1150 °C;separates and lubricates in every phase of the forming operation - even at the highest temperatures;facilitates flow of the material;enhances the surface quality of the workpieces;reduces the wear of the forging dies;has a good creeping effect;does not contain graphite;Description;GLEITMO 820 is a soft paste based on a mineral oil combined with white solid lubricants. They are effective across a very large temperature range and thus facilitate the forming process in all phases. This results in a positive influence on the forging dies, the workpieces and the profitability. GLEITMO 820 does not contain graphite. It is not miscible with water, but can be thinned with the liquid GLEITMO 821 according to requirements.;Field of application;GLEITMO 820 can be used for drop forging, hot extrusion, hot rolling, hot bending. Also ideal for lubricating the column guides of the presses.;Method of application;Apply GLEITMO 820 to the dies or tools using a brush or puff. If a thinner coating is required, mix with GLEITMO 821. GLEITMO 820 is not water-soluble.;Note;If it is necessary to remove the remaining lubricating film after forming, please ask us for recommendation of suitable products.

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