Performance Features;temperature range: -45 / +110 °C;withstands extreme pressures;has a low coefficient of friction;reduces wear to a minimum;adheres extremely well;protects against corrosion and is water-resistant;prevents fretting corrosion (tribocorrosion);avoids stick-slip and seizing;Description;GLEITMO 805 K is a high-performance grease paste based on a synthetic oil with a synergistic combination of highly effective white solid lubricants.;Field of application;GLEITMO 805 K is used for machine elements of all types, simultaneously subject to extreme pressures, shock loads and vibratory or oscillatory movements. For paired sliding surfaces which have a tendency to stick-slip and seizure. For low sliding speeds and high pressures, if fretting corrosion (tribocorrosion) occurs. GLEITMO 805 K is particularly suitable for lubrication of chucks and clamping elements. Other typical applications: plastic gears, gaskets on industrial shock suppressors, spindles, big armatures, sliding guides, sliding bear-ings, oscillating bolts of construction machinery, ball joints, slow-speed worm gears, etc. Also suitable as general assembly paste. Wherever a high adhesive power of the lubricant and best lubrication properties are required. Due to the high content of solid lubricants only suitable for slow-speed roller bearings.;Method of application;Clean the surfaces if possible and the apply GLEITMO 805 K with a brush or a lint-free cloth. Otherwise, application as is usual for greases. If using grease guns or grease pumping devices, please note the information on pumpability in the "Technical Data" section.

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