Performance Features;temperature range: -25 / +100 °C;forms an almost invisible lubricating film of highest pressure resistance;facilitates the assembly and is clean to apply and use;prevents stick-slip;improves the lubrication of components with oscillating movements;protects against fretting corrosion (tribocorrosion);excellent running-in properties;DB Mat.-Nr.: 806592;Description;GLEITMO 800 is a light coloured paste with a synergistic combination of GLEITMO white solid lubricants in conjunction with a specially selected mineral oil. GLEITMO 800 forms an almost invisible, adherent lubrication film which resists highest pressures with long-lasting lubrication effect.;Field of application;GLEITMO 800 facilitates the assembly and is for thin-film lubrication of advantage in all cases where extreme pressures, high wear, stick slip, oscillation movements and fretting corrosion occur. In areas where cleanliness is requested, the almost invisible lubricating film can, within its temperature range, replace black assembly pastes to a large extent. Textile machines, packaging machines, and domestic appliances are preferred areas of application.;Method of application;Apply a thin layer of GLEITMO 800 onto the clean and preferably degreased sliding surface using a rigid brush or lintfree cloth.;Note;GLEITMO 800 is not suitable for roller bearings.

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