Performance Features;temperature range: -40 / +400 °C;at temperatures 200 °C absolutely dry lubrication by the solid lubricants;preferably for high temperatures and components which are not resistant to mineral oil;facilitates assembly and disassembly;protects sliding surfaces from running-in damage;permits limited but useful lubrication at temperatures up to app. +400 °C where all oils or greases cannot be used;leaves no troublesome residues at high temperatures;Description;GLEITMO 700 is an assembly and lubricating paste on the base of a synthetic oil with a very high proportion of molybdenum disulphide. At temperatures above 200 °C the synthetic oil just produces little residues which impair further lubrication only slightly compared with mineral oil. In addition, it has the advantage of not attacking most components which are not resistant to mineral oil. After evaporation of the synthetic oil a dry lubricating film prevents seizure and permits low-wear operation. This type of lubrication is used only for slow movements.;Field of application;GLEITMO 700 is used for all fields of lubrication in the high temperature range. Lubrication at temperatures which exclude oils and greases, e.g. furnace car bear-ings (plain and roller bearings). Furthermore GLEITMO 700 is suitable for assembly and running-in applica-tions. GLEITMO 700 is used for conveyor rollers and converters in steel plants.;Method of application;GLEITMO 700 is not a grease! Apply a thin film only using a rigid brush. Degrease sliding surfaces prior to applying GLEITMO 700 for assembly purposes. Roller bearings: dab the guideway between the rolling elements, turn the bearing briefly, avoid excess. Please contact us if you intend to use GLEITMO 700 with feeding devices.

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