Performance Features;temperature range of the dry film: -40 / +80 °C;meets the requirements of the automotive industry with a specific friction coefficient of µ = 0.10-0.18 for screw lubricants;provides a transparent, touch-proof and abrasion-resistant lubricating film;suitable for mass parts;saves assembly time and is especially suited for automatic bolting systems;clean and non-greasing;has a very good surface adhesion on a lot of materials;environmentally and user friendly;contains a UV additive for a UV coating inspection (340 – 380 nm);Description;GLEITMO 603 is a suspension of high-molecular polymers in water. GLEITMO 603 is used as a coating agent and develops a well adhering, touch-proof lubricating film after drying. GLEITMO 603 has been developed to achieve defined friction properties with a minimum variation range.;Field of application;GLEITMO 603 is used for mass-part coating. A typical application example is the coating of screws/bolts and nuts where a higher friction coeffi-cient range of µ = 0.10 - 0.18 is required.;Method of application;Subject to the requirements, GLEITMO 603 can be diluted in water (at least drinking water quality). As a rule, GLEITMO 603 is used in coating baths at dilution ratios of 1: 3 (for centrifuges) up to app. 1: 7 (for dipping).;The parts to be coated must be free of grease. Drums and centrifuges commonly used in the galvanising industry have proved to be very convenient in case of large coating quantities. After the coating process it is recommended to dry the parts by hot air (up to a part temperature of approxi-mately 70 °C).;Additional information regarding coating and bath maintenance is included in our Technical Information for GLEITMO 603.;Note;Protect against freezing! In closed containers at ambient temperature storable up to 24 months.

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