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Performance Features;temperature range: -60 / +250 °C;outstandingly high resistance to gaseous oxygen;excellent lubrication performance;very good compatibility with plastics, elastomers and rubber;extremely heat resistant;non-flammable;no health hazard;is not attacked by aggressive gases and chemical substances;evaluation about physiological harmlessness in respiratory equipment available;batch-related test report according to the applicable standard for oxygen applications on request;Description;GLEITMO 595 is a synergetic combination of GLEITMO white solid lubricants with especially selected perfluorinated alkyl polyethers. Highly effective lubricating properties combined with maximum resistance to oxygen attack, aggressive gases and chemical substances are predominant features of GLEITMO 595.;Field of application;First lubrication and maintenance of valves for oxygen bottles and fittings, pipes, measuring equipment for the oxygen-producing and oxygen-processing industries.;Method of application;The parts to be lubricated should be cleaned very carefully using METABLANC PFPE before the applica-tion of GLEITMO 595. It is absolutely necessary to use clean, oil and grease free metal tools (spatula)!;Note;Do not mix GLEITMO 595 with other lubricants! Please observe our Technical Information for PFPE greases!

Wij staan klaar om u te adviseren. Bel of mail ons en wij komen zo snel mogelijk bij u terug.
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