Performance Features;temperature range: -25 / +250 °C, short term up to +280 °C;excellent thermal stability;good compatibility with various rubber and plastic materials;resistant to many different aggressive chemicals;batch-related test report according to the applicable standard for use in oxygen applications on request;Description;GLEITMO 593 (OX) is an outstanding special grease based on synthetic oil and white solid lubricants.;Field of application;GLEITMO 593 (OX) is resistant to many aggressive chemicals and offers an outstanding compatibility with various rubber and plastic materials. Based on its extremely high oxidation resistance GLEITMO 593 (OX) can be used in fittings for oxygen applications and oxygen-carrying pipes for assembly and maintenance purposes. The maximum pressure for applications with gaseous oxygen must not exceed 70 bar at an oxygen temperature of 60°C.;Method of application;Surfaces to be lubricated have to be carefully cleaned with METABLANC PFPE prior to applying GLEITMO 593 (OX)! Please be aware of our Technical Information for PFPE greases! It is indispensable to use oil and grease-free metal lubricating devices (spatula)!;Note;Do not mix GLEITMO 593 (OX) with other lubricants!

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