Performance Features;temperature range: -25 / +120 °C;provides extensive protection against wear - even with shock load and oscillatory movement;reduces fretting corrosion;provides excellent corrosion protection;permits long lubrication intervals;very resistant to ageing;permits heavy-duty machines and systems to function reliably;Description;GLEITMO 585 M is a high-grade lithium-soap grease based on mineral oil. It contains a synergetic combination of white solid lubricants which cushion shock loads and reduce wear. GLEITMO 585 M helps to prevent fretting corrosion and permits long lubrication intervals.;Field of application;GLEITMO 585 M is used for heavy-duty bearings and lubrication points of all types. It is also suitable for lubrication points subject to the risk of fretting corrosion or exposed to oscillatory movements or vibration. GLEITMO 585 M is excellently suited for the lubrication of universal-joint shafts. Owing to the white coloration, GLEITMO 585 M is also used in applications involving clean conditions, amongst others in textile and paper processing as well as filling and packaging machines.;Method of application;If used in roller bearings fill up the free space in bearing and housing only to approximately 30 to 50 % with GLEITMO 585 M. Regarding bearings which only rotate very slowly the housing can be filled entirely with GLEITMO 585 M. GLEITMO 585 M can be pumped with automatic lubrication devices. Do not mix with greases on a different soap base. Please consult us in case of doubt!

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