Performance Features;invisible;does not soil or grease;excellent lubricating properties;extremely pressure-resistant;has a good separating effect;extremely versatile;particularly suitable for aluminium, copper, bronze, stainless steel, rubber, plastic and wood;free of halogenated hydrocarbons;Description;GLEITMO 300 SPRAY is a non-soiling, rapid-drying and clean lubricant which is dissolved in a solvent. After evaporation of the solvent, a clean, dry, invisible lubricating film remains on the surface, which also protects against corrosion.;Field of application;GLEITMO 300 SPRAY is used in the electrical industry, in precision engineering and textile industry.GLEITMO 300 SPRAY is successfully used for lubrication of fittings, guides, plastic and rubber parts (e.g. seals, O-rings). GLEITMO 300 SPRAY has many different applications as a universal lubricant, not only in industry but also in households: for lubrication of zippers, curtain rails, slatted blinds, awnings, hinges, locks, drawers, window fittings, camping furniture, bicycle chains, sports equipment, toys and much more.;Method of application;Apply GLEITMO 300 SPRAY economically and uniformly onto the surfaces which have to be lubricated. GLEITMO 300 is also available in standard packaging.;Note;Make sure that the rubber and plastic parts to be coated are resistant to white spirit.

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