Performance Features;user-friendly and environmentally harmless;sticks well on all materials;forms a dry, thin lubricating film;provides clean assembly conditions;allows high deformations;Description;GLEITMO 2345V is a suspension of high molecular polymers in water. The dry lubricating film remaining after the application sticks well on the different surface types, is forming an absolutely tack-free film and has no influence on the other properties of the coated material.;Field of application;GLEITMO 2345V has been developed for cold metal forming and for the lubrication of rubber parts.;Method of application;GLEITMO 2345V can be applied via compressed air and airless spraying systems. Agitators are recommended for the container in this case. Round-jet spraying guns with a 0.8 mm nozzle and a spraying pressure of 2.5 to 3.5 bar are suitable. Spraying distance: 15 - 20 cm. Immersion is convenient for small parts. Painting using brushes or rollers is recommended only when spraying or immersion is not possible. The sliding surfaces to be coated should be carefully degreased with a solvent and allowed to dry. Avoid burrs and sharp edges on sliding pairings. Normally coating of one sliding surface is sufficient.;The use of warm air can reduce the drying-time considerably.;Note;Protect from freezin! Stir well before use. Shelf life: 12 month in closed original containers at room temperature

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