Performance Features;temperature range: -30 / +1,200 °C;prevents seizure and sticking;facilitates loosening of hot threaded connections;allows screws to be reused;very good resistance against acids, lyes, water and saltwater;clean in application and use;Description;GLEITMO 155 is a white, smooth and well spreadable high-temperature paste of the newest generation. A special synthetic oil with a large amount of a combination of GLEITMO white solid lubricants provides GLEITMO 155 with high lubrication and excellent separating properties. The purely synthetic carrier oil evaporates gradually at continuous temperatures exceeding 160 °C. A dry film forms which works as lubricating separation layer under boundary friction conditions up to 1,200 °C. GLEITMO 155 is virtually free of heavy metals, chlorine, fluorine and sulphur.;Field of application;GLEITMO 155 has been especially developed for the lubrication of high-temperature threaded connections. It is also ideally suited for stainless steel screws. Examples: turbine bolts, screws of exhaust systems, hot screws in the chemical industry and in refineries. GLEITMO 155 can also be used as a separating agent for sealings in high-temperature applications (e.g. bolted flanges).;Method of application;Apply a thin, uniform film of GLEITMO 155 onto the cleaned surfaces using a brush, a tassel or lint free cloth.

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