Performance Features;temperature range: -35 / +400 °C;facilitates assembly and disassembly;protects against running-in damage;prevents stick slip;reduces friction and wear;is extremely pressure-resistant;provides emergency lubrication;increases operating reliability;permits economical application;Description;GLEITMO 100 S SPRAY is a sprayable, smooth assembly paste with an extremely large range of applications. It is based on a synergetic combination of solid lubricants with molybdenum disulphide. A specially selected mineral oil acts as the carrier of the solid lubricant combination.;Field of application;GLEITMO 100 S SPRAY is used for lubrication of highly-loaded slideways and guideways, gears and threaded spindles as well as for lubrication of screws and threaded connections, for mounting and pressing of bearings and discs, wheels and bolts and for lubrication of adjusting mechanisms as well as for drifting, bending, punching, pressing and stamping.;Method of application;Clean the lubricating point and spray GLEITMO 100 S SPRAY uniformly onto the surfaces. GLEITMO 100 S is also available in standard packaging.

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