Performance Features;high resistance to ageing;excellent corrosion protection;outstanding cold flow properties;very good temperature-viscosity behaviour;large temperature range;compatible with mineral oil;reduces friction and wear;improves efficiency;Description;GEARMASTER SYN oils are fully synthetic gear oils based on poly-alpha-olefin, miscible with mineral oil at any ratio. In comparison to mineral based gear oils, GEARMASTER SYN oils have a far better temperature-viscosity behaviour and better ageing stability. This results in a very large application range.;Field of application;GEARMASTER SYN oils are used in gears, circulation systems and bearings subject to very high or largely varying temperatures. Owing to the high performance level much longer oil change intervals can often be achieved leading to a reduction of operation and disposal costs.;Method of application;The nominal viscosity should be lowered by one degree when machines and systems operating with oil sump temperatures above 60 OC are changed over from mineral oil to GEARMASTER SYN oils. The disposal does not differ from mineral oil.;Note;GEARMASTER SYN oils surpass the requirements according to DIN 51 517-3. GEARMASTER SYN 1000 is approved to lubricate bearings of grinding rollers.Approved by Siemens AG Flender-Getriebe, Bocholt (chart T7300) for viscosities 320 – 680.

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