Performance Features;withstands high temperatures;excellent load-bearing capacity;outstanding wear protection;ideal viscosity-temperature behaviour;good corrosion protection;very good oxidation resistance;high resistance to ageing;low tendency to foam;good air expulsion capacity;Description;GEARMASTER PGP oils are fully synthetic gear oils based on polyglycol. Their characteristics include an extremely low coefficient of friction, high resistance to pressure, very high shear stability and excellent protection against corrosion.;Field of application;GEARMASTER PGP oils are used in highly loaded industrial gear systems such as spur gears, bevel gears, planetary gears, and worm gears. Oils such as the ones of the GEARMASTER PGP range have great advantages versus mineral oils in all situations where there is a large portion of sliding movements in gears: their superior friction behaviour and load-bearing capacity result in a reduced oil temperature and longer oil change intervals.GEARMASTER PGP oils can also be used as lubricating oils for compactor lubrication when process gases (methane, ethane, butane) are being compacted.;Method of application;GEARMASTER PGP oils can be used at permanent temperatures up to more than 150 °C.;Note;GEARMASTER PGP oils are not miscible with mineral oils! Gearboxes should not be varnished inside or at least should be painted by a two-component-lacquer. Otherwise a removal of the paint cannot be ruled out. Approved by Siemens AG Flender-Getriebe, Bocholt (chart T7300) for viscosities 220 - 1000.

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