Performance Features;good ageing stability;excellent load absorption;low foaming;excellent low temperature behaviour;very good corrosion protection;temperature range wider than for mineral oils;Description;GEARMASTER ECO-oils are environmentally harmless synthetic ester-based gear oils. Gearmaster ECO-oils offer outstandig protection against fretting and micropitting. They reduce friction and wear and optimize the startbehaviour of gearboxes, especially at low temperatures and improve the rate of effiency.;Field of application;GEARMASTER ECO-oils are recommended for the lubrication of spur, bevel, planetary and worm gears particularly in the windpower-industry as well as in food processing and packaging and beverage industries, but also for machinery operated in protected water zones.The low viscosity grades can also be used as hydraulic oils.;Method of application;GEARMASTER ECO-oils are compatible with most commonly-used paints and seals. In case of doubt we recommend paints based on two components and sealing materials with sufficient compatibility.;Note;GEARMASTER ECO-oils exceed the specifications laid down in DIN 51 517, part 3. FZG Test A/8.3/120, Loadstage 12;* Micropittingtest acc. FVA 54: Loadstage 10/GFT-high. Approvals from well-known manufacturer of gearboxes e.g. Flender AG, Renk AG, Zahnradwerk Köllmann.Biodegradability is 90 % according to CEC L-33A-93.

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