Performance Features;highest load carrying capacity;excellent wear protection;good stability against ageing;high thermal stability;minimum formation of foam;excellent corrosion protection;Description;GEARMASTER CLP-Oils are modern high-performance gear oils based on especially selected base oils showing excellent thermal stability, good ageing stability as well as extraordinary wear protecting properties.;Field of application;GEARMASTER CLP-Oils are used in industrial gear boxes subject to high loads, e.g. spur gears, bevel gears and planetary gears.;Method of application;GEARMASTER CLP-Oils reduce friction significantly. Therefore, the temperature level of the gears can be lowered and the operating time of the oil can be extended. Maintenance intervals can be prolonged, too.;Note;GEARMASTER CLP oils exceed the requirements according to DIN 51 517-3. Approved by Siemens AG/Flender Getriebe, Bocholt (chart T7300) for viscosities 150 - 680.

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