Performance Features;penetrates into seized-up and burnt threaded connections;makes connections operational;facilitates non-destructive disconnection of connections;displaces moisture;reduces friction;protects against corrosion;Description;FERROFORM LOCC is a rapid rust loosener based on mineral oil with a very good lubricating effect and free of solid lubricants like MoS2 or graphite.;Field of application;FERROFORM LOCC is used to make mechanisms operational and for a non-destructive disconnection of rusted and burnt threaded connections and other mechanisms (especially good penetration capacity). FERROFORM LOCC reduces the release torque required for loosening a screw and therefore the risk of injury by slipping off. Furthermore FERROFORM LOCC is used to displace and move underneath moisture in the contact area (e.g. in automotive electric systems: plugs, ignition distributors, control units, cables). FERROFORM LOCC protects against corrosion and oxidation (caused by humidity). FERROFORM LOCC is used for cleaning of machine components, measuring devices and instruments. FERROFORM LOCC reduces squeaking and friction, e.g. on locks (including cylinder locks), hinges, springs, bicycle chains, mechanisms and appliances in industry, workshop, household and garden.;Method of application;Let FERROFORM LOCC react for a short period to achieve the intended effect. In difficult cases, the procedure can be repeated.;Note;It is also available as spray and pumpspray. Approved as rust loosener for stud-bolts by Siemens AG, business area KWU, in the source of supply index BZW 12.4.

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