Performance Features;environmentally compatible;unusual penetration properties;quick disconnecting of corroded and burned screwed connections and other connections;makes mechanisms operational, reduces friction;displaces moisture;protects against corrosion;Description;FERROFORM ECO 871 SPRAY is a rapid rust loosener consisting of a balanced combination of synthetic substances, which on the one hand protects the environment and human beings and on the other hand fulfils also highest expectations in terms of the technical performance.;Field of application;To disconnect corroded and burned screwed connections and other mechanisms without destruction. To move underneath and displace moisture in electric contacts. To protect from corrosion and oxidation. To clean machine parts, measuring instruments and devices. To eliminate squeaking and friction.;Method of application;To loosen rust, let FERROFORM ECO 871 SPRAY react for short time. Repeat in extreme cases.;Note;Before reconnection of electronic contacts wait at least 2 minutes until the solvent has evaporated (danger of ignition).

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