FUCHS Ecocool Global 10


ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 is the new benchmark cutting fluid. Metal working fluids are used throughout the machining industry for their cooling, lubricating, and corrosion resistant properties. Such fluids are typically made of complex mixtures of oils, detergents, surfactants, biocides, lubricants, anti-corrosion agents, and other ingredients. High performance metal working fluids are essential for the metal machining industry. Growing global production is increasingly affected by national chemical registries, legislation and labeling requirements. In response to these changing market demands FUCHS developed a novel chemical approach for a new generation of machining fluids.ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 is the culmination of many years of intensive research.;GLOBAL APPLICATION;ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 meets major global and chemical inventory legislation requirements in over 19 countries. It is fully verified and tested to fulfil local legislative and labelling requirements so that parts can be manufactured globally using the same high performance fluid.;DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE;Long life span - maintains pH and emulsion stability over extended service intervals. Low in cost use - Low usage rates, easy maintenance & long service life combine to yield a low in-use/operating cost. Increased productivity - A carefully developed blend of ingredients that impart high lubricity characteristics allow faster metal removal rates. Long tool life - A synergistic blend of lubricants that protect tools against wear for improved process reliability. Non-skin irritating - Formulated using carefully selected ingredients with the worker in mind. For all metal applications - Reduces inventory costs by rationalising production processes to a single coolant.

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