Performance Features;temperature range: short term up to +260 °C;very good adhesion properties;resistant to oxidation;excellent thermal stability;Description;EASYMESH HTS is a non melting gear and bearing grease for the lubrication of reduction gears and bearings in high-temperature environments. EASYMESH HTS contains inorganic thickeners, EP, anti-wear and anti-oxidation additives, and adhesives. This product does not contain any solid lubricants. EASYMESH HTS has no drop point, a very low oil separation at high temperatures and a very low evaporation rate of the base oil.;Field of application;EASYMESH HTS is used if a grease lubrication is required at high temperatures and oil separation and / or carbonising would shorten the re-lubrication intervals, for example for plain and roller bearings in reduction gears.;Method of application;EASYMESH HTS can be applied manually or via suitable lubrication systems.

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