Performance Features;temperature range: -40/+250 °C;water-repellent, protects from humidity;excellent lubrication for material combinations plastic/metal and plastic/plastic;protects and lubricates plastic and rubber parts;heat and cold-resistant;Description;CHEMPLEX SI SPRAY is a high-quality silicon lubricant to be used as anti-friction and release agent. It forms a corrosion-protective, thin film protecting the surface and preventing the adhesion of contaminations. CHEMPLEX SI SPRAY is transparent, water-repellent and clean.;Field of application;CHEMPLEX SI SPRAY is used as an anti-friction agent for material combinations metal/plastic or plastic/plastic. It prevents the adhesion of rubber sealings on surfaces. CHEMPLEX SI SPRAY is, for example, applied to telescopic platforms on road finishers, forklifts, door sealings, precision mechanics, hinges, zippers, snap fasteners, and guide rails of diggers, caterpillars, and cranes.;Method of application;Prior to its application all parts should be cleaned. CHEMPLEX SI SPRAY is targeted and sprayed economically on the components to be lubricated.

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