Performance Features;Temperature range: -30 / +180°C, short term up to 200°C;Very good thermal and low temperature stability;High degree of ageing stability;Good elastomer and plastic compatibility;Low evaporation losses;Good water resistance;Good resistance to mineral oil;Physiologically generally recognised as safe;Description;CHEMPLEX SI 400 medium is an ageing resistant, lithium soap lubricating grease, based on a particularly heat stable methylphenyl silicone oil.;Field of application;CHEMPLEX SI 400 medium is suitable for lightly- to normally-loaded plain and roller bearings, e.g. in electric motors, ventilating fans, dryers, control devices and household equipment as well as for guides, links and low stressed conveyor chains. CHEMPLEX SI 400 medium is also very good for lubricating sliding contact pairings plastic/metal.;Method of application;CHEMPLEX SI 400 medium is preferably applied manually.;Note;CHEMPLEX SI 400 is also available in a low consistency version as CHEMPLEX SI 400 light.

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