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Performance Features;temperature range: 0 / +120°C / +32 / +250 °F, application temperature +10°C / +50°F;excellent protection against wear;good lubrication effect at minimum consumption;good EP properties;excellent adhesion;free of solvents and bitumen;causes no solid deposits in the tooth root;Description;CEPLATTYN SF 10 is a high-viscosity adhesive lubricant for heavy-duty Open Gear drives on mills in the raw materials industry.CEPLATTYN SF 10 is based on a synthetic base oil and new types of additives to provide an extraordinarily good wear protection and lubricant film stability.CEPLATTYN SF 10 is free of bitumen and solvents. CEPLATTYN SF 10 together with CEPLATTYN SF P (Primer) and CEPLATTYN SF RN (Running-In) represents the FUCHS LUBRITECH Multi-Phase Lubrication.;Field of application;The high base oil viscosity guarantees a stable lubricant film between the tooth flanks being in contact. Together with the newly developed additive package this is the reason for the outstanding performance of CEPLATTYN SF 10. Even if lowest lubricant quantities are used, CEPLATTYN SF 10 guarantees reliable operating conditions of Open Gear drives in the raw materials industry. CEPLATTYN SF 10 has been especially formulated for heavy-duty, high-speed open mill drives subject to high vibrations. CEPLATTYN SF 10 is also suitable for the lubrication of large driving chains. CEPLATTYN SF 10 meets the demands according to the AGMA Standard for Open Gear drives. CEPLATTYN SF 10 is according to ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02/D-2 (formerly AGMA 13EP and 13S). It has been approved by CITIC, Ferry-Capitain/CMD, FLSmidth, KHD Humboldt Wedag, Metso, and Outotec.;Method of application;CEPLATTYN SF 10 is applied via commercially available spraying systems.An additional heating system may have to be used below +10°C/+50°F. For critical Open Gear drives on cement kilns we recommend CEPLATTYN SF 30 or the products of our CEPLATTYN KG 10-range.

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